California Annuity Training – 8 Hr Annuity Requirement for CA Insurance Agents

Austin, TX (Vocus/PRWEB) February 08, 2011 introduces a new 8-hour California Annuity Training Course that will meet the continued education requirements of insurance agents in renewing their California Insurance License. At $39.95, this training includes a self-paced PDF course and an online exam. The credits earned are also counted towards California insurance agents continuing education hours.

This course introduces the concept of annuities. It describes how annuities relate to consumers, distinguishes different settlement options, lists annuity types and discusses Tax Sheltered Annuity (TSA) basics, among many others.

California Annuity Training Requirement
All California insurance agents who wish to sell, solicit or negotiate annuities must complete a one-time 8-hour training course, followed by 4 hours of ongoing training every two years, thereafter.

Visit to view a complete catalog of California Insurance Continuing Education courses online to help you get your insurance license renewal from the convenience of your home or office.

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Ohio Insurance Continuing Education – Insurance License Renewal Deadline Reminder, one of the country’s top providers of online insurance continuing education and training, wishes to remind all insurance license holders in Ohio about their renewal deadline. Ohio insurance professionals licensed in the state are required by law to renew their license every two years, on or before their birth month.

According to the Ohio Department of Insurance, all producers need to complete 20 hours of continuing education biennially. Effective June of this year, Ohio surety bail bond agents must complete at least 7 hours of CE every renewal period. Meanwhile, viatical or life settlement brokers need to fulfill 14 hours of CE in the same period.—-powered by, a global provider of online education solutions—-offers mandatory Ohio insurance continuing education coursework in compliance with the Ohio Department of Insurance’s requirements. Because the company provides purely online training solutions, you can complete the number of credit hours you’re required for your insurance license renewal in a timely and cost-effective manner. As long as you have a computer with Internet access, you can take your insurance CE anytime, anywhere.

What’s more, delivers an extraordinary deal—Select an unlimited number of insurance CE courses for only $39.95!

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Georgia Insurance License Renewal Deadline Approaches

As the end of the year draws nearer, so does the license renewal date for insurance producers working in the state of Georgia. That is why foremost online insurance education provider—-powered by global e-Learning industry leader—-would like to encourage all agents to complete their continuing education requirements at the soonest time possible.

Georgia insurance agents who have not yet fulfilled their CE requirements by the November 1st deadline are given an extension until December 31st, so long as they pay a late filing fee of $15. No renewal applications will be accepted or processed thereafter. is a fully accredited provider of mandatory insurance continuing education coursework through the Georgia Insurance Commissioner. Its 100 percent online courses give today’s busy professionals the flexibility and convenience to obtain their CE anytime, anywhere.

It is currently offering several Georgia CE packages for the one low price of only $39.95. Learn more about its course offerings by logging on to

About (Austin, TX) services over 2,500 e-Learning partners who together have trained more than 3 million users worldwide. Their integrated strategy of technology, content, and service helps organizations and professionals in a wide range of industries best manage their career, compliance, and certification needs. Ranked as the 6th fastest growing tech company in the 2006 Deloitte and Touché Fast 50,’s customers include industry leaders Guaranty Bank, IBC, Trammell Crow Company, Centex Homes, Duke Energy, and more. More information at

What is property and casualty claims adjusting?

An insurance claims adjuster is hired by an insurance company, independent insurance adjusting agency or the policy holder to settle property and casualty damages or loss.

A good example of property and casualty claims adjusting would be hurricane Catrina. Thousands of homes, cars, and valuables were damaged and lost. In order to help home insurance policy holders rebuild their homes, insurance companies send in the insurance claims adjusters to settle how much damage occurred and decide how much money will be required by a policy holder to cover the damages.

Many times insurance companies prefer to contract independent insurance adjusters to ward off any suspicions that the insurance company may have a hand in having the adjuster estimate the loss to be a lot less than it actually might be.

If the settlement leads to a dispute, a policy holder may hire a private insurance adjuster to re-evaluate the initial claims assessment done by an independent insurance adjuster or one who is an employee of the policy holders insurance company.

What is the fastest way to get an insurance property and casualty claims adjusting job?

Take an online insurance claims adjuster training course and exam with an approved provider in your state. The online exam which is followed by the course, will save you time from waiting to schedule the state exam and appear for it.

Once you have taken the online adjuster license course and exam, your credits will be reported by the provider to the Texas Department of Insurance and you will be free to find a job in your state.

The good thing with Insurance property and casualty claims adjusting is that you can go from state to state and there are no limits to how many claims you can adjust as long as you satisfy the state licensing requirements. Example, the Texas Insurance Claims Adjuster License will allow you to work in about 30 states apart from Texas because of its licensing standards.

You can start applying to insurance companies, independent insurance adjuster agencies or become a private insurance adjuster.

What isproperty and casualty claims adjusting?.

Insurance Claims Adjuster – How to Cope with Property Damage in the Midwest

So far, four deaths have been reported in Ohio. Authorities say rescue efforts are still under way. It is one of the first set of tornados to hit the Midwest after the hurricane season began. Needless to say that hundreds of lives have also got affected through Property damage. Insurance Claim Adjusters will soon move in and start accessing the damages to process claims and help people who had property & casualty insurance rebuild their homes and start over.

How much an insurance claims adjuster may be able to help someone may depend on the policy of each household, the kind of damage, conditions that caused property and/or casualty damage, and the extent of damage that occurred. Lake Township is one of the hardest hit areas where you will find farm fields and small industry. The storm only just missed the densely populated area of Toledo. However, as the hurricane season progresses, we must brace ourselves for worse storms to come.

There are already reports of the oil spill causing temperatures to rise and predictions have been made for stronger thunderstorms coming this time around. As preventive measures should be taken, residents of the hurricane and catastrophe prone areas like Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Mexico and the surrounding southern states should make sure they are covered for damages caused by flooding, thunderstorms, hurricanes, etc.

Another way to learn about this is to become an insurance claim adjuster. By doing so, not only will you be able to protect yourself and your community through learning and spreading the knowledge of claims adjuster training but you will also be able to start a new and lucrative career as insurance claims adjuster. You can get Property Insurance Adjuster Licensing courses online for Texas.

The Texas insurance adjuster license is accepted in many other states like Florida, Connecticut, Georgia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, South Carolina, North Carolina, Utah and more through reciprocity allowances because it is known to be a state for it’s tough licensing requirements and standard. If you pass the Texas Property Insurance Adjuster Licensing Exam, you can begin practicing as a claims adjuster in all of these states, including Texas. is powered by and a premier provider of Insurance Claims Adjuster Online Training with the availability to connect with an insurance adjusting expert who will make sure that you are well prepared and pass the online Texas Adjuster Property & Casualty Exam that can be taken after completing the online course with ease. Learn how to become an insurance adjuster in your home state by visiting today!

How to become a Certified Financial Planner

No doubt the financial industry is huge and there are many designations that fall under the umbrella. It’s important to understand them and here’s a blog post that is really good in explaining how to become a Certified Financial Planner:

Becoming a CFP is a gold seal on your career in the financial services industry. Once you have become a Certified Financial Planner, you need to renew your CFP license by taking the CFP CE courses. Find out more about how to get CFP Education and CFP Continuing Education online, from the convenience of your home or office.

Insurance Adjuster License – What is the real challenge?

We’ve seen what 2008 brought us – massive destruction and chaos in the face of hurricanes. The cycle repeats year after year.  Insurance agencies put their insurance adjusters on the planes to put the misery of thousands of people who got devastated by wrecked homes, shattered, and life struck by a time machine that took everyone back to square one. Insurance adjusters stepped up to the challenge and settled or at least tried to put the misery to rest. More on that later.

Fast forward to two years later and you have oil spills and volcanoes spitting out ash clouds, releasing the carbon dioxide trapped, slowly making its way up to the surface of the earth. Oil washed over on the cost of the southern states. Workforce is needed. Developments need to be made in building a workforce that is trained to deal with natural calamities.

Homes need to be insured, and oceans need to be protected. We cannot take the slow coach to get there. We have to get their faster. has trained thousands of such professionals. Made it easier for them to get to where they need to go according to the state regulations. Provide quality content from the convenience of your home or office to get trained as insurance adjusters. Thousands of searches are made every day by people who are looking to get an adjuster license for property & casualty claims adjusting. How many of you are aware of the availability of the online insurance adjuster license training?

Read more about how to get an adjuster license online.

Texas, is one of the states that mandates one of the toughest adjuster licensing exams. Understanding the reason for that is very simple. People in Texas have been hit by catastrophes unlike any other state. Getting an adjuster license through the Texas Department of Insurance will give you the opportunity to work on adjusting insurance property & casualty claims coming out of more than thirty states in the US.

Many states do not have regulations and will allow adjusters with Texas Insurance Adjuster License to start adjusting claims there. Read these FAQ’s on how to become an insurance adjuster. This topic will help you understand:

Once you have read through these topics you will know whether you are ready to take on this challange and become a part of the top financial services industry, insurance.

Texas Insurance Continuing Education – Understanding the Classroom Equivalent Course Requirement

The Texas Insurance Continuing Education requirements for insurance license renewal were recently updated. The most important change was to make half of the total number of credit hours to be taken in a classroom or through Texas classroom equivalent courses. It is important to understand the differnece between Classroom and Classroom Equivalent courses.

The Classroom courses have to be taken in a classroom setting in a professional school. The state requires you to take the Classroom courses in an insurance license school because they want to make sure that you get good practice by taking part in activities that help make understanding the complex insurance related subjects  easier with real life examples.

However, the online insurance license schools adapted to this change and now this can be achieved through Classroom Equivalent courses as well. The classroom quivalent courses are offered online but that’s not the basic difference. The basic difference is that you can get the same amount of practice and experience  but a greater level of understanding of practical applications with the use of interactive exercises that make learning not only easier but also fun.

Moreover, Texas insurance continuing education is all about getting the best insurance education and fast. Online courses offer the fastest deliverability with 24×7 access to course material. All you have to do is make sure that you can create a schedule and set aside a about 45 to 60 minuites each day to spend on your Texas continuing education. Our experience tells us that insurance agents who were looking to fulfill the texas insurance continuing edcation requirements and spent at least 45 minutes studing the coursework got the best results. The good thing is that you can manage to do this even with your busy schedule because you don’t have to drive great distances to get to an insurance license classroom or take time off from your responsibilities at work or home.

The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) issues licenses to only those online insurance license schools for Texas Classroom Equivalent courses who have the ability to develop such advance courses and the availability of Learning Management Systems (LMS) that help deliver the Texas Classroom Equivalent coursework to thousands of licensed insurance agents seamlessly. is powered by 360Training’s robust Learning Management System. The courses offered at are approved and accredited to fulfill all your TX Insurance CE requirements in your line of insurance.

Remeber, if you’re a Property & Casualty Insurance Adjuster, you can also take the same insurance continuing education courses to get your Texas Insurance Adjuster CE.

If you’re one of those many insurance agents who complete their insurance license continuing education requirements at the last moment, your might like the Insurance CE Reminder Service tool.

How to get Insurance Continuing Education

In almost all states, insurance agents are required by law to get insurance continuing education every few years after licensing. This requirement was made mandatory and introduced so that the insurance agents of each state can stay up-to-date and remain informed of the changes in insurance laws and regulations after becoming licensed insurance agents.

Failure to complete insurance continuing education requirements can result in leading an insurance agent to suspend practicing as an insurance agent and provide his/her services in any way. If an insurance agent continues to practice without the mandatory insurance continuing education license renewal, a serious penalty, such as, revocation of the insurance license and fine can be awarded by the state department of insurance.

Use the insurance continuing education reminder tool to set a free email reminder so you don’t miss your insurance license renewal deadline.

So, what is insurance agent continuing education? Insurance continuing education is a set of coursework that can generally be broken down into three parts. Each course carries a number of credit hours (approved by the state department of insurance) based on the credits an insurance agent should gain for studying the course material. The total number of credit hours combined together help fulfill the Insurance CE requirements. The coursework is comprised of courses based on various topics that included:

  • Some courses in line of practice of an insurance agent
  • Required subjects like Ethics for Insurance
  • General insurance license courses

For example, if an insurance agent sells annuities in Texas, he/she is required to take the 4 hour – Texas Annuity Certification Course or those insurance agents who may sell Flood Insurance policy in California are required to take the 3 hour – California Flood Insurance license renewal course. There are some courses that are required to be taken by all insurance agents, regardless of the line of insurance they belong to or specialize in selling, such as, Ethics for insurance agents. Some more courses from the general lines of insurance that can be applied towards all insurance designations have to be taken to complete the total number of credit hours required for insurance license renewal.

Use the Insurance Continuing Education Requirements Tool to learn about your state requirements.

Now, let’s talk about how to get these insurance license renewal courses. The state department of insurance of each state draws an outline of the subject matter required for insurance schools (also known as providers) to build courses on and submit for approval. Once the courses are approved for a certain number of credit hours, insurance continuing education providers can offer these courses to insurance agents so they can take these courses and earn insurance continuing education credits.

Most states require insurance agents to attend insurance continuing education classes at a local insurance school but many states also allow online insurance continuing education. Others make it mandatory for a part of the insurance continuing education requirements to be completed in a classroom and the rest can be completed online, by self-study courses and classroom equivalent courses. For example, insurance continuing education Texas requires half of the 30 CE credit hours be completed through classroom or classroom equivalent courses. The remaining credit hours can be completed by registering for insurance continuing education online.

However, the most preferred method of getting continuing education credits for insurance nationwide is to take the courses online. Most of the states have already turned to online training as the mode of continuing education as it is convenient for insurance agents to renew their insurance license from the convenience of their home or office. It has proved to be easier to regulate the online providers for the state departments of insurance as they can register and take the online insurance continuing education courses from time to time to make sure that the courses being offered to insurance agents comply with the subject requirements. is a premier provider of insurance continuing education to help you fulfill your state requirements with quality material and practice exam. All the insurance continuing education courses can be taken online for one small price. Select your state and choose from the packages that have the popular courses or pick from a list of individual courses according to your line of insurance for just $39.95 – All ethics courses and other requirements included.

How to Get Your Insurance License in Alabama

You can take Self-Study, Online or Classroom courses to complete your Alabama insurance license credits. The state of Alabama Department of Insurance accepts all three types of courses, provided that you take them with an approved provider.

Once you have completed the insurance agent license training courses, the state of Alabama requires you to submit an online application to the University of Alabama and schedule your Alabama insurance license exam.

Many residents have never considered online individual instruction classes for Alabama insurance license. This is mainly due to lack of awareness. However, there is a great deal of confidence building up towards the online insurance training because of the numerous benefits that it has to offer.

To count some of the main benefits noted is the convenience that full-time workers have in order to get prepared for the Alabama insurance license exam. You can study at your own pace from home or office in your spare time and make a smooth career change. You do not have to work around your schedule to make it to classroom courses in insurance license schools. You do not have to waste time and money on expensive courses and gas to get training.

The interactive, online Alabama insurance license courses make it easier for you to learn and recall because they keep you engaged, provide immediate assessment of your level of understanding, use practical application and give you enough practice to make you pass.

Like all other states, the state of Alabama also has a set of requirements that your preparation coursework should abide by. These requirements are based on the line of insurance you want to follow. In order to read more about the Alabama insurance license requirements, read Alabama Department of Insurance License Updates Insurance Pre-License Requirements.

In order to get prepared for the Alabama insurance license exam, view a complete list of State-Approved Alabama Insurance License courses.